Lucky Bamboo


Lucky Bamboo

Notice: This product (as from luxury category) is available for cash on delivery all over Pakistan.
This picture is for reference only. Actual product may slightly vary.
Pot Type= Plastic Pot Size= 4 inch

Lucky Bamboo is a unique plant in its own terms. It can grow in complete water and indoor atmosphere. It grows faster in summers and has problems in frost, but you can keep it alive indoor. Lucky Bamboo has many cultural implications attached to it in many parts of the world. Its sticks can be propagated through cuttings but it takes time to grow, Moreover, the sticks of lucky bamboo can be tied together with rubber bands to create a beautiful collection. You may have noticed a red spots on the upper part of sticks. That is red wax applied to save the open cut from diseases and force the plant for side branch growth. The price of Lucky bamboo is for a bundle of 5 sticks of 3-4 inches length each.


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